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Consultancy Services

Amaradia Limited is able to provide consultancy, research and development services across a wide range of logistics and supply chain activities as well as to education and training providers serving the industry.

For Logistics Service Providers, we can: undertake confidential and discrete research into your competitors’ services; analyse the potential of new markets and services; conduct customer surveys and market research; prepare cost / benefit analysis and other similar activities, as required, to which you may not wish to commit resources or for which you may wish to retain anonymity.

For consumers of logistics services we can: undertake supply chain audits; research alternative carriers and routings; offer advice on supplier selection criteria; research the logistical requirements of entering new markets or territories.

For suppliers of education and training services we can: supply tutors / assessors and undertake delivery on your behalf; author modules or complete courses to your specification; review and update existing learning materials; market your courses to a wider audience.

We understand the needs of learners, educators and industry professionals.

We have tutors and assessors with full Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and can work with schools, colleges, employers and other stakeholders to raise the profile of the industry amongst students and to assist in providing pathways into the industry.

Our consultants and researchers have experience of working around the world and can work together with partner organisations overseas to ensure that you get the results that you expect.

In the United Kingdom, we work with UKTI on their ‘Growth Accelerator’ programme, enabling us to offer free coaching to SMEs in the areas of ‘Business Development’ and ‘Growth Through Innovation’ (subject to T&Cs). Having undertaken either of these programmes, if it is found that further training or education is required, this may be match-funded through the programme.

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