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Ports and Shipping

IOSCM Level 2 Certificate in Shipping, Imports & Exports

Our entry level ports and shipping qualification, the 'Certificate in Shipping, Imports & Exports' is ideal for those who are new to the industry and who wish to gain a basic grounding in the fundamentals of the ports and shipping industry. Level 2 is the same level as a UK GCSE qualification.

CILT Level 3 Award in Port Operations

A short, mid-level qualification, suitable for those with some pre-existing knowledge of the ports and shipping sector. Level 3 is the same level as a UK 'A' Level.

CILT Level 3 Certificate in Port Operations

The level 3 Certificate adds two business-related units to the Level 3 Award to provide a broader understanding of how businesses within the ports and shipping sector, operate.

IOSCM Level 3 Certificate in Ports and Shipping

A short course that is particularly focussed on the specifics of the ports and shipping industry. Ideal for individuals working in defined roles within a port or vessel-operating business.

IOSCM Level 3 Diploma in Ports and Shipping

As the level 3 Certificate but with the addition of one or more modules, enabling candidates to cover a broader range of topics relevant to the industry.

IOSCM Level 5 Certificate in Ports & Shipping Management

A short, higher-level qualification aimed at those with significant experience of the ports and shipping industry. Level 5 is the same level as the second year of a UK undergraduate degree programme.

IOSCM Level 5 Diploma in Ports & Shipping Management

The Level 5 Diploma is an in-depth programme, perfect for individuals with a strong background in the shipping or general supply chain sector. Ideal for those currently in a Management position or who aspire to such a future role.

Cargo Handling

A one-day classroom-based course specifically designed for those who receive, handle, dispatch or store cargo within a port environment. Suitable for permanent or temporary / agency workers engaged in any aspect of cargo handling.